Covid 19 – A one month lockdown proposal

Lawyer Hudi Ziyat writes


If indeed we intend to lockdown in a manner that will not affect so many people, the following should be considered:

1. Pay all public sector workers their gross salaries for March. No deductions whatsoever. Remember a lot of them will be able to cater for themselves and dependants under the circumstances.

2. Regional Security Council (REGSEC), Municipal Security Council (MUSEC) and District Security Council (DISEC) by now should have been able to get data on the stock of gloceries in major shops in their localities.

2(a). Government can cost and see how to make targeted supplies to people 3 or 4 days into lock down.

2(b). Determine a floor price and the state can foot that.

3. Undertake 2 hour water rushing at locations where water supply have been a challenge.

4. Assembly all public and private sector water tankers. Again, REGSEC, MUSEC and DISECs can do that. Let the security agencies get personnel who can operate them to do targeted water supply in the lock down.

5. Instruct Telecos to analyze their data and identify low transaction clients, just assume they are low income earners. Credit them between 50 – 100 Ghana Cedis as safety net.
6. Electricity and water tarrifs for Sachet and bottle water producers should be forgiven them for March and the security councils engage them at their localities to produce enough quantities and assembly them for onward distribution.

1. Let all hospitals and clinics in the country assess patients status and ensure majority of them recuperating are discharged immediately.

2. Get medical suppliers including PPEs, Test Kits inter alia. This can even be medium to long term.
3. Assess and know location specific medicine needs and get the MUSEC, DISEC and REGSECs to coordinate that with Pharmaceutical Society etc. This is a time to ustilise the mobile health vans packed at Kole Bu. Do mobile health check during the lockdown.

4. Identify and announce a delivery point/clinic to cater for labor cases during the lockdown.

1. Let the Information Service vans take over local level information dissemination using their powerful microphones into homes. They should give directions and every detail information.
2. Decentralize the response mechanism using the 112 where calls received for assistance can be send down to regions and districts.

1. Let NPA liais with OMCs to identify the quantity of fuel at various dispensing points across Ghana and cost them. Take charge of all or selected fuel stations and let the security agencies and Frontline workers during the lockdown take over and discharge to vehicles, tankers, information service vans, ambulances, police and soldiers cars etc. Cost the expenses and government can foot it.

1. Allow for specific intercity transport of food stuff and coordination home based supplies to people maybe by the second/third week into a lock down. Remember some other places maybe sufficient for the 1 month period.
2. MOFA can determine the cost of such perishables and the state again can foot this bill.

1. ECG, Northern Electricity Co. etc can filter from their domestic consumption of clients on their power needs. Credit all client meters by at least 50 – 70% of their power need within the lockdown period. Better still you can 100% of their highest ever purchase. This is for only domestic consumers.
2. At least on the 3rd week into the lockdown, give additional credit.
3. Encourage commercial companies that consume so much to either shut down or reduce consumption to free some power for domestic use. This will help reduce the dumsor situation in some parts of Ghana.

1. If there is data on them at the National Labour Commission, then their 1 month wages can be paid immediately to them as safety net. Remember some have lost jobs already viz hotels and restaurants.

1. Pay at least 2 months arrears (in case they are owned more months).

1. Ask all local government agencies to hand over their cars or vehicles to their respective Aseemblies. These will facilitate logistics districts.
2. Their drivers can be given quick trainings and with PPEs to help facilitate outreach to areas
3. Ask the transport companies for back-up if the need be.

1. Encourage those who have more resources at their disposal to support the others who have less. This will help enhance the safety net in this trying times. (Remember there are a lot of people interested to help just that it has not been coordinated yet).
2. Encourage private sector support as quickly and urgently as possible. This can equally be decentralized. Example, Nandom Rural Bank can support needy people around the Hamile area etc

1. Government together with the CJ can make an urgent rule or a fiat for all those who have served 2/3 of their sentences to be pardon and release. Remember we are not in normal times.
2. Relax the rules in the prisons for those with not serious offences and punishment to sleep in the compounds instead of the packed cells. Again, we just need temporary measures for an effective solution.

1. The Heritage Fund
2. Pension Funds (Let us survive first before we thinking about pension.
3. NHIS Funds
4. National Reserves (We may have between 5 – 4 months)
5. Get Fund have some monies.
6. Petroleum sector they maybe some cash
7. In fact All the banks can deep down their coffers and support. We will owe and pay when we go back to factory setting.
9. BOST may get money to support
10. GNPC should fund
11. Business moguls in Ghana. Their business are based on our survival and wellbeing.
12. Individual donation through a dedicated line. It can be same 112 calibrated. Remember political parties raised billions through same mode to fund their activities.

All these measures above may not possible cost us all the $100million Dollars if you deduct the cost of Corruption and Procurement related fraud. Lockdown is possible. We are either failing to Act or we want the worst then we turn to blame ourselves in a toxic partisan polluted environment with dead people in blue, black white and red party colors. At the end, the Elephant and the Eagle will only meet to mourn pretentiously after the funerals.


Hudi Ziyat Opinion!
NB:Forgive my typos and bad Grammer if any.

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