Dry season farmers farm without a dam.

By; Salifu Wononuo/

Despite the lack of dam in Vieri in the Wa West District of the Upper West Region, farmers have improvised a way to do farming in the dry season.

Yaw Nyema, a benefitiary of the community improvision said it has not been easy to do dry season farming  without a dam. Adding that, some of the vegetables especially tomatoes easily get dried. He said popular among the vegetables cultivated are gardens eggs, cabbage and pepper.

Nyema narrates, how the tap and store water flowing from the Siiruu dam. “We load sacks of sand and pack under the Vieri steel bridge, restrict the flow of the water coming from the Siiruu dam. We also dredge along the river so that the water can stay for long to be used during the dry season. Sometimes the water could not stay throughout the season.”

According to him, over ten people are currently engaged in dry season farming at the river side. He further indecated that, if they had a dam many young men and women who are idled at home would have engage themselves at the dam.

Yaw Nyema used the opportunity to appeal to the government for their shear of the one village, one dam. This he said would curb the usual travel of young men and women to the south for minor jobs.

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