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An agribusiness entrepreneur , Hon Alhaji Adamu Dasaana has said that, there is a business potential in growing coconut in the northern part of Ghana. Especially the Malaysia dwarf coconut, which takes less than three years to mature.

According to him, the Malaysian dwarf coconut seedlings when planted will only take two and a half years to mature with at least 300 fruits per season. Adding that, It has a life span of 40 to 50 years and bears fruits throughout the year. Hence making commercial farming easy whilist widening the variety of crops/plants that can be grown in this part of the country.

Adamu Dasaana further indicated that, the hybrid seedlings are draught and pest resistant and can be grown in northern Ghana including the Upper West region.

Malaysia dwarf coconut seedlings

The Entrepreneur said “to cultivate an acre with plot size of 100″ X 100″ with a spacing of 7 or 5 meters, you’ll need 80 to 90 seedlings. For an acre with plot size of probably 100″ X 70″ and a spacing of 7 or 5 meters, you will need between 50 to 60 seedlings”.

Adamu noted that, the Malaysia dwarf coconut seedlings are now in Wa at the BOMANDI INT. SCH, off the WA Kaleo road after the Airport. He called on the youth to take advantage of the opportunity this rainy season. Invest in the fast yielding coconut farming to improve their livelihood.


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