WA.UWR – An open letter describes, Suleman Kwaku Baako as Insulting, Clueless and Tribal.


Following the Press Conference addressed by Mohammed Suleman (Kwaku Baako) accusing the Regional Chairman of New Patriotic Party (NPP) S B Kangbare of suspending their forks, while giving the Regional Executive Committee a two week ultimatum to reinstate the step aside Regional Youth Organiser Luri Tia John Bosco, An open letter has been written Bateira John describing his act as an attitude of self destruction in his political career.

Bateira John describe the press conference as one that was motivated by his pay 0masters and a confirmation of the factionalism alleged by the first pettitioner(Saddick Adinan). He said that, the Baako group failed to address the issues raised by the pettitioner (Saddick Adinan) but trend to toe his usual tribal lines,  abusive and seek to denigrate the Regional Chairman.

Bateira further to indicate that the Press conference was geared towards executing his old agender that, a Dagaati man cannot lead the party. The reason for making it look as if the dicision was unilateral, when it was unanimously agreed to by the Regional Executive Committee.

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I have decided to write this open letter in a form of an advice to a young man who is eager to grow in politics but has taken an attitude of self destruction towards his political career.

I go straight to what I have for you. A press conference was organized and a statement from that press conference was addressed by you, and interestingly you again displayed your reasons you earlier told some of us during the regional elections that a Dagaati man should not be allowed to lead the party in upper west region.

The regional Executive Committee which comprises of all regional executives and all constituency chairmen took a unanimous decision to ask the regional youth organizer Luri Tia John Bosco to step aside while investigations are carried out to ascertain whether or not the charges leveled against him by one Mr sidick Adnan are true or otherwise. In that your unmeritorious statement, you insulted and denigrated our highly revered regional chairman and went ahead to paint the picture to appear he unilaterally took that decision. This I say, u have allowed your usual hatred towards not wishing to see a Dagaati man succeed as a regional chairman to take away your sense of judgment. Your abusive press conference was a clear demonstration that, you did not only insult Chairman SB Kangberee but you equally insulted your Wa central constituency chairman and his entire executives and all other constituency chairmen with their executives because these chairmen including the regional executives took that decision.

Our elders say that not all educated people are literates. You see my brother; the petitioner has defeated you and your group for actually confirming and indorsing one of the most disturbing charges leveled against the regional youth organizer. The petitioner said amongst other things that, the regional youth organizer has recruited some youth in the region who are seen and heard on daily basis attacking some constituency and some regional executives including the regional chairman and this needless and bogus press conference read by you was just an admission and confirmation of that charge. Your press conference has made the work of the petitioner easier.

The petitioner leveled these other charges against Luri Tia John Bosco;

– He has no single meeting to his credit with his constituency youth organizers ever since he became the regional youth organizer.

– He has no youth program organized to his credit ever since he became the regional youth organizer apart from the national youth program which was carried out by the national youth organizer across all the regions.

– He has squandered Ramadan sugar meant for constituency youth organizers which was donated by the National Youth organizer last two years.

– He has not been attending regional executive meetings regularly as possible.

– He has no road map for the youth and we have barely some four months to go to the general elections, etc.

One would have wished you used that medium to prove the petitioner wrong by providing evidence to some of the charges I have been able to capture here. As an educated person you claim to be, you could have provided minutes of the meetings he had with his constituency youth organizers. You could have as well named a single program he organized by himself apart from the one the petitioner himself mentioned as having been organized by the national youth organizer. You could have again provided evidence to prove that the said sugar he is alleged to have squandered was never true as put forth by the petitioner. Unfortunately for you and your pay master, when this sugar issue came up, an investigation was done secretly and the allegation was proven to be right.

Surprisingly and interestingly, you have failed to address any of these but rather chose to insult and denigrate chairman S.B kangberee because you have made it an agenda that you never wish to see a Dagaati man succeed as a regional chairman. After your press conference, you were heard saying” Alhaji Toiba was the best man to serve as the regional chairman but delegates followed money and brought in” king Argokoli”. Indeed, you campaigned against chairman kangberee and followed Alhaji Toiba with your believe that a Dagaati man cannot lead the region but I want to assure you as a true Dagaati boy that, chairman SB Kangberee will succeed to the admiration of all.

I am reliably informed that you have the ambition to become a regional executive soon, question is, can only your waala people vote you to become that officer you want to become? Your guess maybe right as mine.

My sincere advice to you is that, if you and the other cretins stop this tribal agenda, whoever that is chosen by delegates of our party at any given time to lead this region, will always succeed.

Having said this, I do know for a fact that there are other decent Waala youth who are ready and are seen working seriously to support SB Kangberee to succeed as upper west NPP regional chairman and I pray our lord Jesus Christ would guide and protect them all.

You and the others may have a good time enjoying your evil agenda today but also remember there is always tomorrow.
This is just an advice to a young man ( mohammed suleman), who is desperately ambitious to be seen in politics.



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