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The Executive Director of the Center for Community Development Alliance, Salifu Issifu Kanton has said none of the dams completed under the government policy 1 village, 1 dam is fit for purpose.

According to Kanton,the 1V1D is a very good policy which aimed at all year round faraming to stop the seasonal migrational trend from the non-educated and unemployed young people from villages in northern Ghana to urban areas in search of non-existent jobs.

Though the government’s intention was superb and had the potential of transforming the agricultural fortumes,the rythymic brief slogan 1V1D has been implemented wrongly and non of the 1V1D completed is fit for purpose,not ones that have water in them but fit for irrigational purpose. One dam he emphasized.

Kanton made these known on Radio Waa flagship program “Wa Gyaa Yela”. He bemoaned the minimal involvement of the Ghana Irrigation Development Authority in the implementation process saying their expertise was not sought in “the design, award and construction of the dams”.

Salifu Issifu Kanton further indicated that, there is no clear agricultural value chain policy to address post harvest losses which leads to farmers getting poor and poorer while input dealers and the policy implementers are getting richer and richer. Noting that, government policies are disjointed.

The Executive Director of the Center for Community Development Alliance added that, the Planting for Food and Jobs has produced millionaires but those PFJ millionaires are those fertilizer smugglers who are known government officials ,who have not been prosecuted, though the Minister of Agriculture said he knew them.

He asserted that “the greatest beneficiaries of the PFJ are the inputs dealers and fertilizer smugglers, they are the PFJ millionaire and not the farmers.”


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