Wa.UWR- The Youth Focused Progressive People’s Party will Create Jobs for the Youth- Parliamentary Candidate

By;Salifu Wononuo/mymediaafric.com

The Parliamentary Candidate of the Progressive People’s Party for the Wa Central, Abdul Rahim Sherif has said his agenda is a youth focus agenda.

According to him, PPP is a youth focused party, just as a young man, he is given the opportunity to run as a parliamentary candidate on the party’s ticket is the evidence, as he indicate being a worthy representative of the youth.

The parliamentary candidate noted that, the founder of the Party, Dr Papa Kwesi Ndum has been widely describe as “Ejumawura” habour in him strategies to get the youth engaged in meaningful jobs. Adding that PPP is the party of choice for Ghanaians.

Hon Sherif further indicated that, he is coming to settle the difference between the NDC candidate Dr Hassan Rashid Pelpuo and Hajia Humu Awudu parliamentary candidate for the NPP. Nothing he is the choice of the youth and if he fails, the youth has fail.

Abdul Rahim Sherif said extra-classes will be organised for all students,free composury education will be a priority, come January 7 2020, when he and the PPP took office.


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